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Why we refuse to change?

The thing about progress is that older things get obsolete, and we somehow tend to stick with the obsolete because we have been used to that, it has been inculcated into our brains, wired into our systems, and we refuse to believe there is an alternative way. For example, a person might believe that building a business needs an office, people, etc. Well, you can build and scale a business without an office space, or hiring people (even in 100s). WordPress is an example and I know people who work in so called ‘gig economy’. 

Another obsolete idea is that to progress and create wealth you need to work 100 hours a week. That is completely insane. Suhel Seth said, “Hard work is for mules. Smart work is for humans.” You can very well progress at the same rate or even higher if you work smart and not hard. People who work insane hours usually do it at a cost of their physical and mental health, social life, and overall well-being. Clearly, they do not know how to create systems. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who fail to automate their businesses. In other words, the idea is obsolete. I know people who want to learn everything that they do. Stupidity! Hire people to do your job. You do one thing and do it well. 

Due to covid lockdown, I have been working from home and so is my team, both in house and remote. I have always had remote teams. I have been advised to hire people in-house for every task done. To hire 10 more people means, hiring one more HR personnel, 10 more seats, and more management. With remote workers, of course you have to scout the best ones, it is easier to manage, and you share only that revenue that you earn. 

I plan to make work from home and remote working a permanent feature when the lockdown is lifted. A traditional office is for the oldies who refuse to change. I find I am more productive, focussed and can customise my working space, working from home. It is always better to have a separate working space at home, and I am lucky to have that. 

I know entrepreneurs who keep adding to their skillset in function areas, instead of focusing on scaling their revenue (not business). That’s not the way!

In a famous example, Harrison Ford was once asked a technical question about car making by a journalist. Ford, who apparently, did not know the answer, called up a colleague and answered the journalist. See, Ford’s focus was on building the business, not the best way to increase the car speed. 

McDonald’s did not focus on making various kinds of burgers but expanding franchise and increase footprints. If you are a business owner, focus on building a business, not tightening the bolts of your business. Some people also find it hard to let go. Am emerging entrepreneur will find it hard to appoint a CEO to his business, and focus on another business, or another avenue. That’s why you find so many indigenous businesses where CEO is the owner, owner is the CEO, and then the executives, and no one in between. 

Bill Gates started as a coder. Had he been obsessed with coding, he would have never been able to build Microsoft. Had he not removed himself from Microsoft he would have never been able to become the world’s biggest philanthropist that he is. The thing with such people is that they don’t finch at letting go. They accept change fast. 

Also, our minds are too institutionalised and very few are able to think clearly and out of the box. When they do, and the model is replicated, then people follow. If you feel your way of working or even living is right for you, do it. Let the obsolete be obsolete. 


  1. Gayaatri
    Gayaatri April 14, 2020

    Yaaaaa, you have always been a non- conformist and “ out of box” thinker, you had remote teams way back in 2007-8! I worked remotely for you !!
    Change is tough for someone who is afraid of failing , those that know how to get up, dust off and keep walking … can change and will continue to evolve !
    No evolution ,no change , no growth !
    Changing is life, stagnation is death – Swami Vivekananda.
    Way to go !!!!!

    • Harsh
      Harsh April 17, 2020

      Well said, Gayaatri. It has been a privilege to have you as a remote worker. You are the best!

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