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Why are we so opinionated?

Let’s just begin by understanding opinion is just a perspective and we all have one, and it’s natural. Some feel very strongly about their perspective and go lengths to justify if their beliefs are challenged. They would even abuse the other person. Well, if we try to dissect the psychology of it, it is because we tend to believe that our reality is universal reality. This is naivety. Also, strongly opinionated people try to impose their perspective on others, and fail to listen. 

It is not wrong or right to have an opinion. Defining rights and wrongs for others is again being naive. We feel that we are sole authority of virtues and vices. Seldom do people try to understand some one’s point of view. It is only natural that other person comes from a different culture, environment, experience and geography also. People tend to judge too soon. Very strongly opinionated people would pick up unpleasant arguments too soon (Twitter is an example) and would not listen to the other person. It is important to ignore or close such conversation. It is only when a debate is rational, analytical and respectful that we gain knowledge and become intellectually engaged. Also, they tend to call names. What’s the use? That’s again opinion and shows your vulnerability. 

Hinduism has had a long and sacred culture of debates. In the early Vedic age, royal courtrooms arranged debates between scholars. They are well-recorded in the Upanishads. If you read them, you wonder that how two strongly opinionated people, often at polar ends, debated in a civil and highly intellectual way. 

My two cents to people always is to be not so influenced by someone else’s opinion, even on them. We are always taught to protect our reputation. What is reputation? How others see us? What about reflecting on how you see yourself? Living for reputation is a confirmed way to failed and frustrated life. 

Sometimes the opinions that we hold come from bad experiences. For example, if a businessman is betrayed by a partner, he would become skeptical of people. He starts to lose trust and everyone is seen as a fraud until proven innocent. We humans are designed to be a product of our experiences. A heartbroken lover will curse relationships. In short, we see thru our perspectives and madly debate about them. It is so frivolous that most objective people turn anti social. Dude, good to have an opinion, but chill about it. You will have debaters for each thought you have.


  1. Gayaatri
    Gayaatri April 27, 2020

    Yes! This is so apt, just yesterday I shared a video of people in US congregating despite Covid lockdown and said it was wrong to do that, a college friend in that group , who is now a US citizen went on a rampage against me , calling me names and saying “ I shouldn’t allow my daughter to study in US” , the whole group got polarised , one sided with me n one with her ! But the point was not US vs India, it was wrong behaviour , irrespective of place of residence !

    God! Opinions ! We just can’t even see reason through the lenses of judgement and opinions!
    Kudos to you for this piece !

    • Harsh
      Harsh April 27, 2020

      I think we should avoid saying ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in our conversations. What may be wrong for us may be right for someone else. Yes, objectivity is a skill hard to obtain. That’s my opinion 😉

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