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21 Days, not a coincidence

It is well documented that to develop a new habit, we need to practice it uninterrupted for 21 days. It was practiced by the Buddha, and science has also proven it, calling it neuroplasticity, or rewiring your brain.  

During these times of Corona, I am sure we have a lot of time. Even if we are working from home, we are saving on commuting time, getting ready for work, etc. I have sensed some depression amongst people around regarding corona lockdown. However, I look at the brighter side. You can do so much more and develop yourself in 3 weeks. Here are some of my tips. 

a. Learn something new – Remember that passion or hobby that you could never pursue due to scarcity of time. It is time to learn that new language, play the guitar, learn music, practice signing, learn new recipes, or just take any online course that interests you. I am doing a course on chakra healing and planning to take up learning Italian. 

b. Can’t go outside, go inside –  Well, to put it another way, explore your spiritual side. There are dozens of good meditation apps that you can use to relax yourself and produce happy chemicals (think how much time do we get in busy lives to consciously relax). Learn about yoga, chakras, kundalini, or read some books that give you new dimension. Take up A Biography of a Yogi if biographies interest you, or read books by Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle (or listen to them on YouTube). 

c. Hone your skillset – I am sure you have expertise in your  function area and there are many books, youtube videos and podcasts on the profession that you pursue. Hone it. You will not find time otherwise. 

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  1. Sumit
    Sumit July 3, 2021

    It’s Amazing .. it’s the time where we should utilize every second. Don’t know what will happen in the future and In lockdown time it was the great opportunity to improve yourself and skills too.

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