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The Anatomy of Solitude


Solitude. A panacea for the likes of Einstein, Hemingway and Murakami. A sad translation of loneliness for many. A bliss for yogis, monks and zen masters. A pre-requisite for producing art of any significance. 

Solitude is not a negative word. Most of the human pleasures are felt in solitude. Like feeling the wind in your face, or the rain drops on your eyes, or feeling of oneness with the universal self. It is only in solitude that one can find himself, uninfluenced by the rugged societal norms and institutionalised minds. 

If you ask the masters of their professions, their best work has been produced in solitude, not in the much applauded and well-marketed teamwork (which might be necessary for other reasons). Edison’s lab was a warehouse of solitude, even Batman found his self in solitude or at least in a monastery. One of the greatest films of our era, Into The Wild, is a masterpiece on solitude. 

One’s connection with himself is the purest of all connections. Those who connect with themselves NEVER seek outer connection, support of comfort. They are complete, not seeking another block to fill them up. If you are connected to yourself, you find completeness in being, you do not seek without, you seek within. 

It is only in solitude that you can probe yourself. It is a spiritual law. It is only in solitude that you cannot be influenced by the overripe society or manipulated politics. It is only in solitude that one can look at himself, question himself, and probably find the answers. 

The truth is that we have been brought up in a world where we are afraid of facing ourselves. We seek refuge in the exterior. Imagine that hand moving towards your smartphone, TV remote, when you are left to yourself. 

Solitude is a must for creative pursuits. Be it a copywriter, visualiser, engineer, inventor, strategist, musician or any who creates, their best works comes in a state of FLOW. This state of ‘flow’ happens when you are one with your work. Your consciousness and your work are ONE.

When a monk meditates for decades alone in a cave, it is his Oneness. Solitude is also essential for the worldly. It is in this infinite cage that you find yourself asking the right questions. 

Find solitude. Find yourself. 


  1. Author Sherry
    Author Sherry October 18, 2019

    Brilliant write up sir.
    I resonate this much with the transformations I had in the past. You have depicted very nicely the glamour and flavour of an individual with solitude.
    Author Sherry

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