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Why Do we Feel And How Do We Change It?

One must realise that we rarely train our minds. Like we go to the gym or for a run to train our body, we rarely or never train our minds. We want a new us, but what do we do to make a new mind? What do we do to rewire our mind? Let us understand that it is most difficult to rewire our minds, and like another skill, it needs constant practice. 

We create the same thoughts, same actions, and same feelings, yet we want to feel different. The first step towards changing our feelings (not being indifferent) is awareness. The more we are aware of our thoughts, more we can work towards altering them. Awareness also brings us into the present moment, breaking the conflict of past-future. 

The way we feel controls so much of our being, even at biological level like working of hormones and changes in Autonomic Nervous System like altering heart rates, blood pressure, insulin release etc. Thoughts are not intangible, imaginable elements – they are real and biological. Every thought is creating an action in the brain, thus leading to a feeling. 

Once we are aware of how we feel, we can create a gap between our being (consciousness) and feeling. It is like you are watching a film on projector, but you realise it is only a film, just a projection. 

We are not our feeling. If we can affirm this continuously, it will make a great change to our existence. Like every wave, a feeling comes and goes – everything that rises will fall on its own course. 

Most of the feelings are a product of our own ego-identity. If we can practice to thin the film of our ego, we will realise that there is very less in this earthly life to react to. All thoughts and feelings will flow through us like we are vacuum, without creating any ripples. 

We feel as we are humans, we can control feelings because we are humans. We think because we have a mind, we can control the mind because we have consciousness. Unfortunately, the way society is designed we have been conditioned to bulk up our feelings but no one taught us to strengthen our consciousness. 

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  1. Gayaatri
    Gayaatri February 2, 2022

    As always – thought provoking and so succinctly put! Harsh do read the work of Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton- thoughts , feelings and the physical body !

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