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Was Krishna the Greatest Consultant Ever?

Take this. Ghatotkach is a fierce, gigantic, ruthless warrior who is unleashed on the Kauravas in the war of Mahabharata. He at least 10 times the size of a normal foot soldier and he is pinning them like ants on the ground. Kauravas are rattled. What do they do to suppress Ghatotkach’s killing spree. They go to Karna, the supreme archer amongst the Kauravas, to kill him with a special power that was gifted to him by Indra. 

Karna, seeing the havoc around him, unleashes Vasavi Shakti on Ghatotkach – unsurprisingly, it is so lethal that Ghatotkach immediately falls to the ground and dies. 

Bhima, Ghatotkach’s father, is heartbroken and breaks into tears. The whole Pandava camp is distraught. As the sun is going down, and the mourning just begun, Krishna, flashes a subtle smile on his face, which is spotted by weeping Bhima. Bhima, of course, offended, questions Krishna on his twisted sense of humour. 

Krishna calmly answers that he was constantly worried about Karna’s divine power which he feared could defeat Arjun, but now it was out of the way, ad Arjun could take on Karna without the feat. In fact, he thought Ghatotkach just won the war for him! 

This was Krishna, the master strategist and consultant, who looked at the war from vantage point. 

Does that make the greatest Consultant ever? Yes, in my books. In fact, his consulting was the reason the Pandavas fought and won. Duryodhana, in fact, lost the war when he chose Krishna’s army, Narayani Sena, over Krishna. 

Krishna was the one who persuaded Arjuna to fight the war and battle out. He oriented the greatest warrior in the Pandavas camp when he was ready to give up his weapons. 

It was Krishna who brought Karna’s death when Arjuna shot at him when Karna was trying to pull out the wheel of his chariot from a pit. Arjuna questioned the ethics of it, but Krishna reminded him of Draupadi’s molestation as a stark breach of ethics. He motivated the emotional brain of Arjuna by using his rational mind (irony, no?). So much for consulting!

It was Krishna who discovered Duryodhana’s weakness or Achille’s heel in the gadha war with Bhima. 

It was Krishna who spiritualised the death of Abhimanyu to Arjuna and help him get him on the feet. 

It was Krishna who could elevate Arjuna’s chariot in the battle to suit to his advantage. 

It was Krishna who charioted Krishna in the war. 

It was Krishna who spread rumors of Ashwathama’s death, hence retreating Dronacharya. 

It was the omnipotent Krishna, who did not pick up a weapon to fight but his sheer consulting had Pandavas win the epic war. 

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  1. Gayaatri
    Gayaatri July 6, 2020

    So true 👏👏👏👏👏lovely !!

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