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The Science of Our Existence

In The beginning, there was neither existence, nor non-existence

– Upanishad  

Ancient Indian texts call this play of world a ‘leela’. Leela is loosely translated as a play, that once was and will be. It profoundly exists as a drama that mankind is destined to play as long as life exists on the known planet. The arguments, viewpoints, conflicts, collaborations – all are a part of this leela. To the unknown and uninitiated, it is a drama unfolding on the planet. To the naked-eye alien, it is a play that goes on. It doesn’t have any meaning, as nihilistic as it might sound. 

And we, the residents of this planet, part of this leela, are engulfed in its infinite capsule, with a tremendous belief that it is the basis of our existence. We carry this seed and tree of leela hardwired into us, overwhelmed by its play. 

If we were to have an astral view of this planet, would it not look like a play in a large and diverse amphitheatre, rather than a place that is marred with views and perceptions. Aren’t we being puppeted by our own mortal consciousness, or lack of it? 

In the rare moments of detachment, or oblivion of our existence, we can see the isolation that we have come to wear, and how we are just another particle in the planet, that behaves and moves with its motory functions. 

What if we were perpetually in a state of the unknown and solitude? In a state away from the known and institutionalised paradise or hell as we perceive it to be. In a state away from us, sort of brain dead. What would we make of this existence? A laughable leela, a natural design that we were destined to play, or a drama unfolding its natural wings? 

It is said we are what we think. The evil and good are both pre-defined. We have accepted the superiority of certain men and vice-versa. In a way, we have decided our fate, and never questioned it. 

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