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Sardar Udham – Rare & Redemptive

Rarely do such rare gems come when the silence of a lone hero carries us for two and a half hours, and we admire him in numb admiration as opposed to verbose applause. 

Sardar Udham Singh, as much as a patience assassin he was, has been aptly portrayed by Shoojit Sircar in what is a poetic ode to a warrior whose obsession and autodidactic behaviour took him beyond shores and seas. Stoic in the eye of storm, he personifies a peaceful warrior, who is also calming a storm within him. 

Trauma can maketh a man, or destroy him. Udham Singh defied both and found purpose in it. As he says in the film, that the greatest gift to humanity – the youth – hopefully is not wasted by him. 

Sircar, in his exceptional non linear format, goes beyond the superficial recognition of the man, and gives an insight into his psyche and his sufferings. Rarely does the hero smile, except in his reminiscences with his beloved. 

Udham Singh goes beyond the realm of typical Bollywood drama and seems closer to the accolades of World Cinema. From cinematography to direction to sublime background music, it is worthy of supreme recognition. 

Sardar Udham is an unbearable homage to one man’s perseverance, love for his intangible homeland, his rationale that protected the integrity of his countrymen, and lastly meeting his fate.

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