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How to feel Calm and Peaceful

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We all talk about core in Gym terminology, core being at the centre of our exercise routine. However, core also exists from spiritual point of view. Some might call it solar plexus, given that is the chakra at the core of existence. It also is related to our well being, digestion and overall mood. Remember how unhappy or cranky we fell when we have bad digestion? 

So what is that stillness or quietness within, the elusive quiet of mind that we all chase? Does it exist? In my book it does, and you do not need to be an arduously meditating yogi to access to that quietness (though profound techniques might yield more encouraging and startling results). 

Firstly, one needs to be aware of the quietness within. A simple exercise is to be conscious of yourself for a few seconds. Let your muscles relax, being attention to the present (focussing on the breath is a popular way of doing it), try to be aware of the thought that’s running in your head. A good, strong conscious moment would be to evaluate your thought and the significance of it? Question your thought, its importance, its feelings, its consequences. Do you need that thought? Does it add value to you? Is the thought a blast from the past? Is it being anxious about future? Is it worth thinking? Chances are you would like to change your thought. That’s where being in the present would matter. A little bit of mindfulness would not hurt? Be mindful of whatever you are doing – driving, making a ppt, reading this piece, cooking, taking a shower (yes, what about feeling the relaxing feeling of water pouring down on your body). 

Another way of awakening consciousness is to bring your senses into play. Be totally mindful of the taste of that bite of vegetables (or even pizza), try to listen to the sounds around you, even the tiniest ones. When your senses are exercised your awareness levels reach a new high and expand your consciousness. 

For me personally, to feel centred, I take long breaths into the core and release slowly and mindfully. I also like suspend my mind, making it void of thoughts. Most of the time I realise that I straighten that frown on my forehead, relax my abdominal muscles and the tightness in the body relaxes

Quietness is achievable even amongst chaos. All it needs it awareness. There are many techniques to achieve it, but like any journey, it needs practice. 

I will be happy to help anyone who needs to know more for free of cost. 


  1. Author Sherry
    Author Sherry November 12, 2019

    Nice blog…. My mindful moment for today – I had a samosa in the office and I remember the crunching sound it made.

    • admin
      admin January 18, 2020

      Amazon Sherry!

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